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Authentic thought leaders
Our members form their own opinions rather than follow trends. They know what's going on and are confident in their judgement without being snobs about it.

Savvy community members
Our members realise both the benefits of a powerful community as well as the individual involvement and actions necessary to grow such a community.  They understand the give and take necessary to achieve a larger collective gain.

Passionate discoverers
Our members are enthusiastic about discovering exceptional people, places and products.  They love finding the truly new and unique and are genuinely excited to share those discoveries. 

Boundary pushers
Our members maximise their time and resources.  They are unsatstified with the mediocre, which makes them thoughtful and educated consumers. 


  • Access to regular monthly private popup events at special prices

  • Drink of the Week location and Password

  • Access to other organized events, classes, parties and more

  • Samples and goodie bags

  • Discounts on related events and products

  • One guest allowance for private popups and the anniversary party

So, what else do you want? Tell us and we'll try to make it happen!


The Chamber membership is limited to 1,000 places.  Each year, membership is open to all during the month of January.  The rest of the year, membership is by invitation only.  

To enquire about membership or attending an event as a non-member, please email us at

Membership rates are 249 Euros per calendar year

Non-member visits: Not a member, but want to check us out before becoming one? Just passing through Paris but want to join us for a night? You can arrange for a one-time visit to any of our Private PopUps (on a space available basis at non-member rates.)


Each year, we offer a limited number of Select Business Memberships to those businesses whose client and customer base reflects the same values as our own.

Our Select Business Members receive a code which allows their clients and customers access to our events at special rates. 

We personally select the businesses to whom we offer this membership and get in touch directly, but do feel free to email us to request consideration if you think you might fit our profile.


Of course we don't publish the names of our individual members, but we are happy to share the names of our business members because we like their practices and want to spread the word:

Secrets of Paris

La Cuisine Paris

Savoir Faire

Perfectly Paris

Jodie in Paris

Your Paris Experience