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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a limit to the number of members?

The idea is to organically develop a community whose needs, interests and requests can be taken into account.  It’s just simply easier to listen to and act on behalf of a smaller number of people. 

You know the saying “You can please all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time?” Well, we’re going for pleasing some of the people, all of the time.


Will you ever increase the maximum number of members?

Maybe. But we’ll get member feedback first.  The advantage to more members is that it provides enough people to support a larger variety of events.  But we don’t want to get so big that we lose our soul in the process.


Why can’t I buy individual drinks at your events? 

Because we’re not a bar.  Our events are intimate and convivial moments amongst friends and we don’t want the added layer of money changing hands.  We also try to price our events in a way that there is plenty of added value from other things (be it the food, the space, the fun and most definitely the company) that it’s still worth your while. We don’t expect you to have to drink yourself silly to get your money’s worth, but we don’t want to limit your number of drinks either.


Why can’t you offer a wider range of drinks at every event?

Because we’re not a bar.  It takes time & money to transport everything on site for events. It’s impossible to guess who’s going to drink how much beer, wine, bubbles, vodka, rum, tequila, gin, whisky, sparkling water, tea, etc, etc, etc and bring more than enough of each.  So, instead, we focus on a few things that work with the concept of each individual event.  Also, part of the concept of The Chamber is to try new things & learn about new spirits or brands. If you don’t like what we’re serving, we encourage you to bring your own flask.


Why are most events limited to 14 guests?

 We’ve found that 14 seems to be the sweet spot between having enough people to make things lively and interesting and not so many as to be intimidating.  You should be able to chat with all of the guests over the course of an event. 

Some events are smaller (e.g. the Erotic Book Club) and some events are a lot bigger (BBQ en Blanc) but most stick with the 14 max.


Why do you run most events for a 2 hour time period?

The idea here is the “sweet spot” as well. We don’t want early birds hanging around for a couple of hours feeling lonely.  We don’t want late stragglers getting drunk in the corner and making an ass of themselves.  We want to cut to the heart of the party: that perfect middle when all the guests are there having a fabulous time.  Plus, it’s better to leave you wanting more…and for you to leave everyone else wanting more, too!


How can non-members attend events?

Non-members, tourists or potential members are welcome to attend on a one-time, space available basis at non-member rates. Events that are open to non-members are indicated with a “Non-member” option on the tickets page.


What’s a Select Business Membership?

We offer up to 20 business memberships per year to those business whose client base reflects our own.  Most of these businesses are travel related (apartment rental agencies, concierge services, cooking classes).  The goal is to inject a bit of freshness into an event through visiting guests. And we think it’s interesting for visitors to get a special peak inside Parisian life and apartments.


What are the events like?

 We develop most events as series.  Currently we have such series as

Sex & Booze: Erotic Book Club for Women with Champagne & Absinthe

One Pot & a Punch Bowl

Cocktail PopUp Salon

Tiny Boat Apero

Gourmet Picnic with bottled cocktails

Masterclasses on spirits and cocktails

Most series happen on a monthly basis. Some series are one-offs (Twilight in Havanah: rum & cigars), annual (BBA en Blanc) or seasonal (picnics, etc).


Why are the events usually in private residences?

We like the intimacy and conviviality of private residences.  We want you to feel like we’re inviting you into our home.  Only cleaner and bigger.


Can I offer my private residence for an event?

 If you think your place would work well for an event, drop us an email.


How to you determine ticket prices – or why are some events more expensive than others?

We run events at cost (for members.) 

We determine the ticket price based on the cost of factors like:



-Venue Rental

-Extra Staff needed (serving staff, photographers, etc)

-Paper products (napkins, straws, etc.)

-Extra touches to make the evening more special (flowers, etc)

-Transport (getting everything to the venue)

-Cleaning fees

When some of those factors are free or sponsored, we can charge less per ticket.  But, basically, what we charge you is what it costs us.


If I’m a member, can I bring a guest?

Yes! All members are welcome to bring one guest with them at member prices. 


Can I privatise an event?

Yes.  See the privatization page.


What’s your event announcement schedule?

We’re still playing with that. 

Currently we email members every time tickets becomes available for a new event.  And while we want members to know as soon as tickets are available (especially for very popular events), we also don’t want to overcrowd their inboxes.  So, we are considering other alternative announcement policies.

A few days after members have been notified, we then post up the information on social media.


What’s the dress code for your events?

We neither require nor discourage cocktail attire for most events.  Where applicable, dress code is indicated on the events.

The basic idea: we want these events to be special, so we’re going to dress the part…whatever that may be. And, we encourage you to do the same.


As a brand or business, how can I reach your members to spread the word about my product?

We don’t want to waste your time or resources (or our members’), so we tell potential brands or sponsors up front whether or not they are likely resonate with our membership  Assuming so, there are a few ways to work with us and you can read more about it on our brands page or email us.


What’s your cancellation/refund policy?

For most events, tickets purchases may be cancelled for a full refund up to three days prior to an event. 

Where necessary the cancellation policy varies and is indicated on the events page. For example, for the Erotic Book Club, you must cancel one week prior to the event for a full refund – that leaves enough time for new potential guests to read the book!


How do I reach your for interviews?

Honestly, I don’t really love talking about myself.  So, you might want to check out a few interviews that are already out there like this one, this one or this one (en français).

I realize saying "I don’t like to talk about myself" makes me sound unappreciative of peoples’ interest or too precious or antisocial or just kind of rude. I’m none of those things…I just don’t love talking about myself because it feels kind of boring to yammer on about myself.

But, if you still want to reach out, drop me an email!


I have a question that was answered here and want to ask it!

Send it by email! We’ll answer you directly and post it up on the FAQ if appropriate.


What is an emergency martini?

At every event in The Chamber, there’s always the mini-mini bar loaded with (a limited supply) of emergency martini makings….just in case someone asks!