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Brands & Partners


While we avoid overly sponsored events, we do like to collaborate with some of our favorite products or interesting brands to introduce members to the new, unusual and exceptional.

Some of the ways we work with brands and sponsors:

Masterclasses: We invite you to offer a master class to our members featuring your product.

Sponsored PopUp Cocktail Salons: We invite you to sponsor the bar for a PopUp Cocktail Salon and mingle with the guests to help them discover your product.

Samples: We occasionally offer our clients goodie bags with products that we like or want feedback on. You are welcome to provide samples for our goodie bags and we will provide feedback based on our follow up surveys.

Member discounts or benefits: We also work with certain businesses and brands to offer product or service to our clients at a discounted rate on a regular or one time basis. 

If you are interested in sponsoring an event, please get in touch. If you would like to promote your brand to our members with discounts, samples, trials or other goodies, even better.

Our one caveat: We're not here to provide cheap or free publicity for brands.  We're here to build meaningful & smart bridges and relationships between industry and consumer. We think our members are pretty special. They represent the city’s trendsetters, tastemakers, food aficionados, nightcrawlers, cocktillians and generally cool people who want to know about exceptional products and opportunities without a hard sell. There’s already enough so-so stuff out there competing for their attention and purchasing power, so we really only offer our members the best in perks. They deserve it.